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   This site is multi-dimensional, ranging from the nature of ultimate reality to mundane artifacts rescued from the site-originator's personal history.

  Contents  will help you navigate to the substantive areas and avoid the trivial:


   Of first importance, as emphasized on the Skyhome page, it is vital you start at the "Narrow Gate," the only entry-way that will make sense of the peculiar life-direction which made this site possible.   This "Read Me First Page" is the gateway to the rest of the site because it includes the (rather flowery) short rendering, Chance Meeting, written at the callow age of 23, which (attempts) to report an unsought encounter with the Creator.   A brief, more mature commentary follows, entitled "The Eye of Emotion."

   Having passed through the "Gate," the real meat of this website is to be found in the three subsections under Worldview:


reality - (parts 1 & 2) the strange detour through which the writer was allowed to gain insight into such arcane truth-vessels as ontology  (the nature of Being) and epistemology  (the surprising possibility of knowledge).


collision - the philosophical/spiritual controversy between East and West.


finality - the inevitable outcome of the controversy


   The remainder of the site descends precipitously in significance -- all the way to "my most noteworthy woodworking project" and "motorcycles I have owned."

   Midway in the descent you will find the Stormwinds section, exploring avenues of creativity through which the site-originator has sought to communicate his vision:


E-Media: film, radio, music


Graphic Arts and Writing: art & engineering fantasies, significant letters, a last-days drama - Hard Rain Coming

   Finally, a brief personal photo-history resides on the Lifebook page.   


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("Narrow Way to Heaven" music from JESUS CHRIST MORNINGSTAR  CD by ApologetiX "parody" band: see


While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.


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