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Jim's Mother, Eleanor Welch Haun, with himself at about 6 months young.

Jim's father, then a Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps in his British Spitfire while 12th Observation Squadron Commander.  His story at

Parents:  Capt. and Mrs. James R. Haun & son Jimmy, circa 1941


Jimmy the Mama's boy, Memphis Tennessee, about age 4.Jimmy with "Daddy" freshly back from the War, 1945.Jimmy and Dad aboard Lt. Col. Haun's sailboat on Mobile Bay, 1947.

 Childhood:  1944, 1945 (Memphis, TN)                             1947 (Mobile, AL)


Jim Jr. about 1950, when family moved to Falls Church, Va.While Jim was attending High School in Tokyo, his Dad taught him to fly in this 65 hp Aeronca, 1957.

Youth:  1950  (Washington DC Area)               1957, Post Solo  (Showa, Japan)


Patsy Brill, Jim's High School sweetheart in Japan, '56 - '58.Jim's first wife Dian Igou Haun, with first child, Ingrid, 1964.

   First Loves:   Patsy - 1958                Dian (with  our eldest daughter, Ingrid) - 1964


Jim during first college English teaching assignment at John C. Calhoun Junior College in Decatur, Alabama, 1966. Jim's first experiment with LSD, during time in 1967 when teaching at Santa Fe Junior College in Gainesville, Florida.Jim with second wife, Cheryl Hymes Haun, with their daughter Jocelyn, 1971.

English Prof - '66            1st  LSD - '67             New Family (Cherry & Jocelyn) - '71


Jim preparing to walk to teaching job at Richmond High in the Bay Area, California, 1971.Jim in the California hills with two former students, 1972.

      "Cool" Teacher - '71                                          High School Guru - '72


Jim practicing his electric guitar through a battery-powered amplifier after flight to New Mexico, 1973.Jim playing same solid-body guitar after elaborate carving of wing motif, 1974.

New Mexico - '73 with 40 D-cell Amp           New Mexico - '74 with "angel" guitar


Jim's home-made camper finally at rest in Tennessee.Jim some months after spiritual birth in Orlando, Florida, 1976.

                                    reality part 1  Escape Vehicle - '75                Born again! - '76


Jim while studying at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, 1983.Jim preparing for one of his many coast-to-coast motorcycle tours, 1985.

       New Creation - '83                            X-Country to CA & NM on V-65 Sabre - '85


Toby Tate shortly after being born from above.  Click for story.  Toby's visit with Jim in California during long fight with cancer, 1987.Jim's present wife of 17 years, Margaret Elaine Huls Hoffman Haun, 1988.  

                 Saint Toby - '86, '87                              Peggy  (Prayer Answered)  - '88


Jim and Peggy at the Nashville Jesus March, about 1993. Jim's five-year stint making and testing prototype automotive electric motors, 1998.

                     Jim and Peggy Haun - '93                                        Bosch Lab Tech - '98

Our prodigal as he appears today, a rascal redeemed by the blood of God's Lamb.

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The full story reflected in the photos above can be found on the NARROW GATE and two REALITY pages of this site.


While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.


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